Yeovil Town Show True Class In Comeback Win

62 minuets played and Yeovil Town found themselves 3-1 down thanks to goals from Gash and a brace from Akinde including a penalty, against a Barnet team who were looking to close the game off. Dolan had got one back for Somerset outfits.┬áBut Yeovil came back fighting and a minuet after going 3-1 down, Yeovil…

The Glover: Issue 2

We Look at where exactly Yeovil Town Football Club can finish this season, a preview to the Bristol Rovers game and fan Pat Custard is awarded for Fan Of The Year Award

Design: The Glover

I have decided to take on a number of projects to help fill out my Portfolio and I am happy to announce that The Glover is the first one in my project. I hope you enjoy.