YATS Interviews: Soloman Grey

Normally a band consist of 3 or more friends, But Solomon Grey have never been about normal with their unique style, and Family first attitude, these two fathers are about to tour America and before they do YATS caught up with the duo to talk about coming up with the band and more.


How did you guys become Solomon Grey? and how did you come up with the name?

We met in Oxford playing in covers bands. We have been writing together for a very long time. Solomon grey came about around 7 years ago, when we wrote last century man. It seemed like we had found a sound and then we packed up all our gear and left London to start writing the album. It’s taken a lot of work and persistence, but we got there.

Your new EP has come out recently how does it feel knowing this is your 4th one and fans are still wanting more?
Solomon grey comes from just chucking names about for a very long time. We loved bands that had a persons name and thought it helped with identity and being pulled into the story. Solomon grey is us and we made it up. Wish I could tell you about some psychedelic episode we had where a naked native Indian took us  to the desert and Jim Morrison told us about Solomon grey. But you’d never believe us, would you?
You’re about to tour America after a few places in England, what does it mean to you knowing that the majority of them are sold out?
It feels great. It’s one of the best bits of this very difficult career. Meeting true fans of the music and hearing how they found out about us and why they like it. Means so much and has got us through some pretty low moments. Well we can’t believe it. It’s incredible. We are just gonna soak up every moment and enjoy it. It’s an incredible honour to play those venues, and to get this opportunity is once in a lifetime. Just wish we had enough cash so our families could come with us for the whole time.
Sweet 84 (A YATS Fav) is only been out 3 weeks, what’s the meaning behind it?
Sweet 84 is about that moment as a child you become aware of the world around you. Those memories of sitting on the sofa while your parents watch the news, falling asleep in the back of the car and being carried up to your room. All the things that stick with you. 1984 was an interesting time when we were kids and we just put a lot of that experience into the track. The world from a kids point of you. It was a powerful thread for us to work with, we think.
What’s the best place you have played? and why?
Hmmmmmm, tough one. We just love playing Sofar. We have done it a couple of times now and it makes such a difference when everyone turns there phones off and you get to play to a really attentive crowd. There is always a special moment at those gigs and we love them.
You have chosen a non mainstream genre, How has that had an impact on your carer as its lead you to big places?
It’s been tough. We are not kids and we are not super cool but we’ve never been into that or played that game. We just do what we do and never give up. This has been a long long journey to get here but thank god we do a sound that seems to be used in tv  and film because without those jobs we would be screwed. It’s just helped so much.
In your spare time you are both father’s so how do you manage to be musicians as well?
Family first. That’s the rule. And we have the most supportive families anyone could wish for. Friends and family are the main reason we are still doing this. Cheesy but true. Like all good food should be.
What is your fav song from all the ones you have preformed? and why?
Broken light seems to be doing it at the moment. Most recent one and connects with where we are at at the moment. The others always remind us of past moments within making the album. Also really enjoy the live version we are doing at the moment.
Thanks Guys Again
Thanks, Come and see us live soon!!
Follow Solomon Grey on Twitter @SolomonGreyBand

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