YATS Interview: Jon Germain

Jon Germain is a Ghanaian born musician who has won numerous awards such as DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR , 4 syte Music Awards Africa for his brilliant album “This Is Who I Am”. Once a lead singer for UK band Van Greene, Jon now produces music as a solo artist. In his spare time he is also a TV/Radio host. YATS caught up with the singer songwriter to talk about awards, songs and Chris Martin…..

Hi Jon thanks for taking the time to answer these few questions. Firstly your new song THREESOME (a YATS fav) has been released, what’s the story behind it and where did you come up with it ?

Thank you. Glad its your favourite. I always wanted to record a song which talks about sex. I’m a big fan of Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing. So I picked a subject that excited me. 2 ladies and one man. It actually happened by accident. Song came while in the studio recording a different song. I guess it turned out to be a beautiful mistake.

What is the transition like going from a Lead singer in a band to a solo artist?

Its quiet simple , with a band i had to please everyone in the band even with the songs I write or how I sing it. But as a solo act. I do what I wanna do. Only difference is .after relocating from North London to Ghana . I could not do the kind of songs I really wanted to do , that’s mainly Rock music. So I gradually shifted from my Phill Collins, Sting, Bon Jovi, influences into some RnB , my first hit single IN MY HEAD . was meant to be a pop/rock Ballard, but my producer turned it into RnB with a touch of rock .. We called it Rock and Blues . I remember we laughing about it.. But each album I put out I always have at least 5 rock songs on it..

You’ve been nominated for a numerous of awards, what’s the feeling like every time and where were you when you got you first nomination?

Being nominated for awards .is a great feeling . but I prefer receiving tweets and email from Russia, italy, USA accross Africa and people talk about how my music has affected them positively and how much they love my music. That must be the main reason I still write and record songs

Following that last question you won the awards for DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR & 4 syte Music Awards Africa  how was that?
That was interesting. I also won best original soundtrack for the motion picture A Northern Affair.

You’re also a TV/Radio host how do you find the time to sort everything out?
Radio and TV is every day. I do music when I have some free time. I write  new songs every day. That’s the best part of my life for me . making music. But I have been very successful as a TV host and radio host. I have interviewed. Frank Bruno , Simon Webb of Blue. Rev Jesse Jackson, Akon, Shaggy, Joe, Bennie Man, Wyclef Jean, Boris Kudjo and many super stars . its been great

Chris Martin has commented on one of your songs (Quiver) how was that for you getting recognition from a Grammy Award Winner?

Oh that was amazing. That was crazy. Me and Chris became friends when he visited Ghana in 2005 or 2006 I think. So when I released the album I mailed a copy to him. Via post. He commented on the fact that he loves quiver. I think its also due to this fact that quiver contains portions on In My Place by Coldplay. Guitar and drums are very similar

When your not winning awards and hosting shows what do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend time with my wife. My daughter .or back in London with old friends and my son who still lives in London. Oh and playing FIFA 16 ha ha ha

Where has been the best place you have played and why?

The best place I ever played was an acoustic performance at Finsbury park London. Just about 20 to 30 people and the love for the songs we performed was awesome.

If you could preform with anyone on one off your tracks who would it be?

Wow. Michael Jackson is dead. So Sting.. I’m sure I will pass out when I see him.. Ha ha. Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown

And finally what would you be if you weren’t a musician or host?

My life will be very sad if I could not make music.. I dont know. I love football. But I can’t play to save my life ha ha

Make sure to follow Jon on Twitter @jongermain or check out his website iamjongermain.com and don’t forget to follow me @TheOnendOllie for more interviews.



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