YATS Interviews: One Last Run

One Last Run are currently traveling the country on their latest tour and here a YATS we were lucky enough to catch up with the 5 piece band from the north of England. We talk about the tour, the instruments and something of an Aftertaste.
How did you guys meet up and become One Last Run?
Becky: We were all in different bands that ended for one reason or another around the same time. Rob and Jack have known each other for a long time. This led to myself, Rob and Jack jamming together as a three, we then added Dan to the mix, who Rob knew from his previous band. Chris was the last piece of the puzzle as he had other band commitments, it was worth the wait though! When the full unit was complete, we knew it was right and we started writing material pretty quick after that.
What is the meaning of the name and what other names could the band have been called?
We were originally called FreeFall. We made all the social media pages and everything, then we realised there was already another band who use FreeFall as their name who are signed to a rather big label. We then racked our brains for a while trying to think of a new name. We eventually came up with One Last Run as we realised a lot of bands like Machine Head, Godsmack and Funeral for a Friend have all named their band from other artists songs or album names. The only other name I can remember which was a possibility was Aftertaste.
For those who don’t really know you, can you tell us something about yourself and what you do within the band?
Becky: I’m the vocalist in the band. My other hobbies include knitting and making cosplay
costumes, anything craft related I’m interested in really.
Chris: I play bass in the band and I hold a season ticket at Goodison Park as I am an avid
Rob: I am one of the guitarist in the band and I hold a season ticket to Anfield as I support
Jack: I am the other guitarist in the band and I used to be a boxer growing up.
Dan: I play drums in the band and I have a black belt in Karate.
Your new song Tell Me (A YATS fav) has just dropped, how fun was it to make the video and what’s the message behind the song?
Becky: Thank you’ I’m glad you guys like it ! The video was so fun to film. We worked with Shaun from Loki Films who is amazing. He understood exactly what we were going for! It was the first video I’d ever been a part of so I was really nervous, but I’m really proud of the end product. The song for me is about my family situation at home. However we’ve had so many responses regarding the song from people who have seen references to a relationship between boyfriend/girlfriend and also between friends. I’m glad that the lyrics have enough scope for people to perceive them how they need to and it also allows me to still have my connection to it.
You’re currently on tour, how are you guys feeling about that and where cant you wait to play?
We’re all really excited about being in tour. The guys in New Device are insanely talented
musicians and its a learning experience for us all getting to share the stage with them. The shows have been good and we’ve especially enjoyed playing cities that we haven’t visited before. We’ve had fans travel quite a distance to come and watch us which we feel really blessed about that. We can’t wait to meet more fans as the tour goes on!
Carrying on with the topic of touring, is this your first one or have you played other gigs, if so where has been the best place to play?
Becky: We headlined a tour last October with Near Moments and 5/5.8 supporting us. They are genuinely lovely people and I enjoyed that tour even more so because of the company we had with us, I personally couldn’t have wished for a better tour experience. The shows were great and everyone should check Near Moments and 5/5.8 out. The best place on that tour for me was Crawley at The Black Dog, it was a Halloween show so we all got dressed up which was awesome and the crowd was amazing.
What age did you pick up your first instrument and what was it?
Becky: the first instrument I was interested in was my voice as I’ve always been loud! I’ve been singing since I was 7 as I was in a musical theatre group. I did that until I was 11. I then started getting into bands but I’ve always had an Interest in music.
Jack: I was 11 when I started acoustic guitar lessons which led me to grow an interest in electric guitar techniques as well. I had a break from guitar for a couple of years to focus on drums but now I’m purely focused on playing the guitar.
Dan: I have always had drums within my life because of my uncle, who has taught me everything I know. I was and still am that annoying kid that taps on everything.
Chris: The first and only instrument I have been interested in is bass guitar. I started playing when I was 14. I didn’t like music before I picked the instrument up but it completely change my perception.
Rob: I started playing guitar at 16 as I was influenced by bands like disturbed and Bullet for my Valentine. I heard their music and immediately wanted to try it out for myself so that’s what I did.
How is it having a female vocalist leading the way, and do you think it’s the way forward in the industry?
Becky: I’ll let the boys answer this one…
We got Becky in the band as she is the most talented vocalist we know and we knew she would be the best person for the part. I don’t think it would matter if the person was male or female. If we knew a male singer who was as capable as Becky and fitted the part better then we would have a male vocalist. We don’t think it should be down to sex, its down to ability for us. Regarding whether it’s the best way into the industry, again, we don’t think it has a hold over what we can achieve, we write music that we love and we perform it. Simple as that. We will achieve what we achieve because we work hard.
Being from the north of England the music scene must be pretty big and hard to break through. How have you managed to get yourselves noticed and picked up for tours?
We’ve just made sure our show is the best it can be, other bands have asked us to support them due to our performances. We enjoy what we do and I think that comes through in our stage show. We also socialise with a lot of members of other bands that we’ve shared the stage with previously as, more often then not, they’re in the same boat as us, trying to pursue a career within the music industry and because of that they’re like minded people who you can have a good chat with.
If you weren’t in One Last Run what would you be doing right now?
Rob: travelling to as many places as I could.
Chris: I would be working as a booking agent for other bands, I would have to be involved in the industry some way.
Jack: I would have looked into joining the RAF.
Dan: I would still be in university.
Becky: I would have finished studying events management specialising in wedding planning at university. So I would be organising people’s big day and communicating with bridezillas.
And finally what advice would you give to anyone starting out in the music industry?
Make sure you’re in a band with people who are as dedicated as you other wise you will only get so far, be prepared to spend money and, more importantly, enjoy what you do when writing material and performing live !
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