YATS Interviews: Erhun Oztumer

Erhun Oztumer was rejected from Charlton in 2014 for being to small. Now at Peterborough the 5ft 3in midfielder dubbed “The Turkish Messi” is starting to show his true class. Although he suffered an injury at the start off the 2015-16 season and ever since he has come back has helped Peterborough to a 4th round replay against West Brom and a league position of 11th. YATS caught up with the midfielder to talk about the past week, FA Cup heartbreak, Playoffs and Days Offs.

Hi Erhun thanks for the opportunity to ask you these questions so I guess ill jump straight into it.

Where else to start then the past week for Peterborough its been hard first of all the FA Cup heart ache and then the result at the weekend. How have the boys kept moral and what has the manager said to keep heads up?

Wednesday night was a great performance from the team we gave it everything but we lost in penalties. Saturday was a terrible performance from us we looked very tired and fatigued. Manager has just said to keep our heads up and focus on the next game.

With Peterborough lying 11th in the table do you think that you can bounce back from Saturdays 4-0 defeat and push on and gain a playoff place?

There are still 16 games to go of course we can make playoffs.

You’ve six goals this season how many have you set yourself? and how does it feel when you score for the posh?

I would like to finish with 10 but I dont have a target. Scoring a goal is a different feeling I can’t explain.

Oztumer scoring in his MOTM performance against Doncaster


The relationship between fans and players has always been good how do you feel when the fans cheer your name and does that kind of atmosphere help enhance your game and help you preform better?

Hearing the fans chant your name is a great boost of motivation and I appreciate it a lot.

What has been the best stadium (besides The Abax) that you have played in and why?

Must be West Brom in the FA Cup, 5000 posh fans were terrific that day to.

Asking that who has been the best player you have played with? and why

Jonjo Shelvey we use to be at Charlton together he’s range of passing is world class.

Obviously everyone has a footballer they look up to when they where growing up and everyone has a player they compare themselves too who was yours?

Growing up I loved Zola and I would say I compare my self with him to.

The tough weeks of a footballer whether that be training or playing football week in week out must be hard so how do you relax on your days off?

Being away from the family is hard so I go home and see my family and spend time with them

“Thanks again for sitting down and answering these question, all the best for the future mate”

“No problem will do cheers mate”

Peterborough next face a trip to London to face fellow Playoff hopefuls Millwall


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