YATS Interviews: The Spaceking

Plymouth, UK isn’t well know for its music scene yet one musician seems to be defying odds by making a name for himself and is getting bigger in the south of England. Who is this musician? is he a King? well it is none other then THE SPACEKING a solo musician, once a part of a band has now making waves on his on. YATS sat down with THE SPACEKING to discuss what he has planned for the future and his latest track “Memory”.


Memory” your first EP was done for charity of course, but can we expect any more in the future?

Memory is actually a 10 track album just to be precise lol. But answer is YES I have already started working on the next album although this time it actually could be a couple of EPs. The thing is I write quite eclectically in terms of one track might be hip-hop, the next a dance track then the next chill etc. ‘Memory’ is quite an eclectic album so this time I might choose to put tracks into genre EP’s. I have also recently completed a stand alone dubstep track for a friend who is using it for a YouTube walk through video for Halo I think. I have also uploaded the first new track for the potential next album ‘Hometown’ on soundcloud. Here are links to both.


What’s your fav song from the EP and what’s the message behind it?

Very tricky question can I pick 2. One is the most meaningful to me and the other the one I most enjoy performing. Firstly the most meaningful is ‘Why would I fight?’ which was the first track I completed on the album. The track broke a 4 year writing block and the track is all about not fighting against your natural emotions and feelings even if they are negative cause they still make who you are. It was actually this mindset that broke the writers block when I became comfortable writing about more negative thoughts I was having at the time, there are a few similar tracks on Memory. The 2nd one which I most enjoy performing is B4 which also has a meaning. It’s about 2 friends who cross that line and become intimate but go back to being friends but things can never be the same as they were B4. But it’s a great dance track and a real fusion of West meets East and I love Yusuf’s guest vocal on it.


Can we expect to see you playing any gigs this year?

Not locally confirmed, I have started making requests to MTV to possibly perform at the 3rd and free day of MTV crashes Plymouth. Also will be hoping to perform at Glastonbury in the unsigned areas but again no exact details but will share on Twitter if anything confirmed.


Being from Plymouth the music scene down their is not that well know, can you tell people a little something about yourself?

I was originally signed to an independent dance label called Urban Collective but it all went very wrong basically it wasn’t the right deal for me but it’s only in 2014 that I started writing again and then released after a year in 2015. But I’m not desperate for a signing I am just enjoying sharing music which is so easy now and I would be very happy with a publishing deal and possibly have my tracks used in tv or film would be great.


What age did you pick up your first instrument and what was it?

Well it was too heavy to pick up cause it was a piano lol. Basically age 9 or 10 I walked into a large music showroom and started playing the piano and the shop assistant said to my mum ‘he’s good how long has he been playing?’ My mum responded saying ‘I didn’t know he did’!! From then my parents set up piano lessons for me on Saturday mornings.


Can we expect to see any collaborations in the future and any clues into who?

Possibly Yes. I will be asking an artist called ‘Robots with Rayguns’ who is based in Pheonix Az. I used to live in Phoenix in my teens and I am returning there this year in June for a short visit and hopefully we can collaborate on something. His work is very similar to some of mine and think it could be fun. Fresh as It Gets by Robots With Rayguns


What advice would you give to young artists starting out?

You’re probably going to have more NO’s than Yes’s and sometimes not the support your hoping for. If you love music you shouldn’t give a shit cause the most important thing about music is being able to share it and as I mentioned it’s so simple to do that these days digitally that nothing can stop you now if you really love what you do.


And finally what would you be if you weren’t a musician?

As I am currently not signed I actually do work in a full time job in fashion, I guess it’s because fashion and music are very similar and interlinked requiring creativity and their driven by trends.


To keep up to date with The SPACEKING follow him on twitter @gazaraz


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