YATS Interviews: 5/5.8

Bands from London have always produced good music and have always been good to go and see and one band that are doing just that and making a name for themselves is 5/5.8. A 5 piece band lead by a powerful female vocalist is always hard to come by but Amber is a true gem in the mist. YATS caught up with the band after there recent tour to see how things are going and what’s to come in the future for the band.

Hey guys thanks for taking the time to talk to YATS hope you are well and ill jump straight into things.

1.) For the people out there who haven’t really heard of you yet, can you tell them a bit about yourselves and an interesting fact about yourself?

Well we’re a band with a random name who all live in different areas of the UK and have jobs in care, retail or public relations… Oh and John has been an insulin dependent diabetic since I was 6 and Amber learnt to walk again!

2.) 5/5.8 is such a unique name how did it come to be?

It appeared in a dream… Literally! It was supposed to be temporary but it has stuck – too late to go back now!

3.) Of Course you’ve just come of your first tour how was it? And what was the highlight for each off you?

Well this is actually the band’s third tour but we all loved Nuneaton and playing with Never Hill, The Everlaine, Thank The Academy and The Prophets, great venue and definitely a night to remember! It’s always nice to return to old places or visit new ones and see some familiar faces but meet some newcomers too!


4.) You recently change from a male lead to a female lead how has this affected the band and what direction will you go from here?

The vocalist change has led to us changing our songs by using Drop D instead of Drop Bb for the guitar, which helps the overall mix a lot meaning we sound much clearer now and have more areas to experiment with now – it’s sounding great!


5.) At what age did you all pick up your first instruments and what was it?

Danny: My first instrument was a guitar, I started playing when I was 13 I think? I quickly became interested in mastering both guitar and bass.

James: I played piano for a few years in primary school but didn’t seriously take up music until guitar age 13.

John: I was 12 when I got my first bass, didn’t start playing seriously until I was 14 for my GCSE.

Amber: I’ve always sung with my family growing up and over the years began taking it more seriously, I also started learning Guitar, Piano and general Music Theory but to be honest I just enjoy it and my voice will always be my instrument of choice.


6.) Going back to your first gig it must have been electric and how long do fans have to wait until we get to see you on the road again?

Our first gig was at the white rabbit in Plymouth and it was an INSANE show! We’re looking to head out on the road in the near future, definitely want to go back to Plymouth so keep your eyes peeled.


7.) Being from London you must find the music scene a bit hard to break through on how are you handling it and getting content to fans?

We do our best to keep in touch with fans and get out as much of our material as we can, meeting fans is always a great way to connect! Of course using all types of social media is useful such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter – all of which you can find us on – but face to face interaction through gigs and events is always better.



8.) Obviously being a band have you had any offers form record labels yet and if so how did that go?

Not yet but we’re hoping too! Especially with our EP being recorded later this month.

9.) Are you able to tell us anything that’s to come in the future or is it all hush hush for now?

We’re heading into the studio in February to get some new material out there, looking to book up more tours and as many shows in as many places as possible!

10.) What advice would you give to youngsters wanting to start out in a music scene?

Just go for it, find yourself a group of great people and do what you love doing whether it be for fun or taking it more seriously. Once you have a band don’t rely on just Facebook and the internet. You will play some shit shows to no one. That’s just how it is. Keep going until people care. JUST DO IT!


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