YATS Interviews: Partisan

Manchester has one of the biggest music scenes in the UK and hoping to break into it next year is highly tipped rock band Partisan, made up of Stuart Armstrong (lead vocals and guitar), Dan Albon (bass guitar) and Rob Jones (drums).  YATS caught up with the lads to talk about the future and their self named EP.

HI Guys ill jump straight to it….


How did you become Partisan?

Stuart ‘I broke up with my last band and had loads of songs and wanted to play them, so Partisan was born’ We met Rob, the drummer on the super highway commonly known as the internet. And Dan, the bassist heard one of the tracks playing in the drummers car at a festival and asked to join the band


What’s the meaning behind the name?

Partisan, is someone who is passionate about their cause and we are all determined to inject some new life into the music industry with some real music, with real substance and meaning.


At What age where you all influenced by music and what was your first instrument?

All started playing in our late teens. Stuart played the guitar and drums, Dan started with a guitar and Rob bought a drum kit. The grunge scene was probably the most influential for all of us


Your Self Named 3 tracked EP just dropped (Massive Fan Of “Coming Up”) can we expect more from yourself in the future?

Glad you like Coming Up, we are a little surprised by the reaction to this track as its longer than the usual, but we love it too, it closes our set well.

We have a new release coming out in March next year, followed by further releases over the summer. By the end of the year we want to be working on an album, but our main aim for 2016 is to get our music out there and heard!


Animal is one of your newest songs out but what’s the story behind it and did you come to write it?

Well as you can probably get the song is about sex, taboos and fantasies. Vanilla sex seems to be construed as boring in todays society


Going back to your EP’s you are set to drop on in 2016 any ideas for names?

The next single is called Two Lovers so will probably be self-named. But we are working on the album title.


Who would be your idle person to do a song with and why?

Dave Grohl because he is God


How do you distribute your songs besides word of mouth and fans of course?

Well we use all the obvious platforms, social media, our website and digital distribution sites. We have really found these so useful to increase our exposure. And on top of that gig as much as possible and get on the festival circuit. Fans are the most important thing and our biggest cheerleaders so we like to interact with them as much a possible.


Being from Manchester the music scene over there must be busy how do you compare to the others and how do you rise above the rest to get noticed?

It is very busy and competitive, there are so many worthy bands hailing from the north west and Manchester in particular. But this helps us step up our game and strive to be the best. We just intend to work hard, keep making good music and hope that prevails. We cant concentrate on what other bands are doing as although we are all from Manchester we have a different sound and hopefully there is space for all of us.


Can we expect to see any music videos come out in the near future for any off the tracks?

We have completed half of the video for the next single, so you will see one for that. We would like to have a video for each release if possible. We love the idea of putting visuals to our music, but for most of our ideas would need Peter Jacksons budget!


What advice would you give young artist wanting to make a name for themselves?

Work hard, practice hard and gig hard. Don’t forget your fans and be nice to people, you might need them on the way back down! Oh and get a good manager!!


What has been you’re favourite song to write and sing and what’s the message behind it?

Probably, Pushing Up Daisies as our anthem against austerity and we are all behind that when we play. We wanted to show our solidarity with the new wave of politics, looking for a fairer society. We are not all about politics but this is a particular favourite with its catchy melody and chorus.


Where has been the best place you have played?

Together as Partisan, probably the O2 Academy in Islington. The place was packed and the crowd had a lot of energy


Whats been the highlight and low point of your career as a musician?

I think we have all had the similar highs and lows. Low probably investing in a band both emotionally and financially for it not to work out for a number of reasons, and you feel back to square one to the highs which is where we are now, where we are really tight as a band and all have the energy to drive this forward.


Can We expect any collabs in the future??

Dave Grohl still hasnt got back to us, but remain hopeful!


What Would you be if you were not a band ?

Stu is a chef by trade so probably working towards owning a restaurant, Dan is a dry stone wallers, so would be being artistic with stone out in the country and Rob would be wheeler, dealing somewhere!


Finally where can we see you play at any gigs or festivals if you’re at any int the future?

We are hoping to hit the festival circuit next summer so everywhere! We are setting up gigs from late Jan through to and past the release and will be announcing them soon. We have a trip planned to America late next year starting at Whiskyagogo in LA. So watch out we are coming!


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