YATS Interviews:King Bi$hop

The rap music industry is taking the world by storm and Brooklyn born rapper King Bi$hop is one who is hoping that 2016 will be his year to shine. The “Rest” rapper is almost at the top with his self titled EP set to drop next year fans can look forward to seeing his journey take a new route, and YATS caught up with him to talk about, the future, collaborations and meaning of songs..

“low moments was when i wasn’t playing at all”

Your Self Named 6 song EP just dropped (Massive Fan Of Do It) can we expect more from yourself in the future?

MOST DEF. my new mixtape. it’s a massive boost to what i already have going on so yeah

Rest is one of your newest songs out but what’s the story behind it and did you come to write it?

Yeah i wrote the song but my buddy did most of the video work i like letting people do what they do simply because you may do a better job than i ever would.

Going back to your EP you have a lot of collabs on there how did they come about?

Friends in the game, people i just met on twitter, i guess it all depends on what the vibe is for the tape

Who would be your idle person to do a song with and why?

Travis Scott i feel i can relate to him the most and we make similar music

How do you distribute your songs besides word of mouth and fans of course?

I flood social media: Twitter Facebook, Instagram website and email list

Being from Brooklyn the music scene over there must be busy how do you compare to the others and how do you rise above the rest to get noticed?

I stay consistent, I don’t stop working, get tunnel vision then comes song writing I think I’m pretty good at that so that plus being consistent equals a knife to cut through the clutter

Can we expect to see any music videos come out in the near future for any off the tracks?

Yeah this new tape will have a lot of those maybe 2-3

What advice would you give young artist wanting to make a name for themselves?

Stay focus and don’t do let the fame get to you and make you complacent also market your self that 75 percent of this

What has been your favourite song to write and sing and what’s the message behind it?

 You haven’t heard it yet haha but you will

Where has been the best place you have played?

Carnegie hall but that was for the drums still extra cool though

What’s been the highlight and low point of your career as a musician?

High moments included playing all over low moments was when i wasn’t playing at all

Can We expect any more collabs in the future?

Most def…i love networking !!

What Would you be if you wasn’t a musician ?

artist hahah creativity is my thing, I’m glad I’m the way I am

Finally where can we see you play at any gigs or festivals if you’re at any in the future?

not sure yet were in the works of planning for a tour next year so you will definitely know as long as we keep it touch !

Keep it touch with Bi$hop all other his social media on:





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