San Antonio, TX is mainly known for its metal bands in recent years starting out and wanting to make a name for themselves but there is on band who want to shake the music scene and hit it with a new genre. WAXPANEL

Remember the name as this 3 man band is taking the Texas music scene by storm in recent months. The band consist of 3, Micah Lindner: Vocals/Guitar Steve Thundersticks: Drums/Percussions Chris Fletcher: Bass Guitar.

And YATS caught up with the 3 to talk about song meanings and what the future holds for the 3 piece grunge band.

HI guys and welcome I guess ill jump straight into it.

How did you become WAXPANEL?

WAXPNEL was created in 2008 by Micah and (and former guitarist) Ian. We had a good amount of musicians come through, but when Steve came in on drums, we had a solid three piece. After our brother Nick (on Bass) joined and we recorded two EP’s, and the last two singles, he left. We recently gained our newest bassist Fletch and we are moving forward as a three piece.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

The band needed a name, and while our singer worked at an automotive parts distribution company, he saw these two words, WAX and PANEL, pop out at him in a catalog. So we went with it.

At what age where you all influenced by music and what was your first instrument?

Micah – 8 years old started with the Violin

Fletch – 9 years old with the cello

Steve – 5 or 6 years old with the Piano

You released your new song Dead Inside (A Fav Of Mine) what’s the story behind it?

When we wrote Dying Inside, we wanted it to have a stronger message than any other song we had written. So we really pushed it, in the studio, with our Producer (David Castell) farther than ever before.

to listen to dead inside click here

Going back to your EP’s you are set to drop on in 2016 any ideas for names?

Well we haven’t really talked about too many name ideas, but we have considered ‘Brazilian Pirate Website Issue’, because apparently there is a website in Brazil that has pirated our song, and has had over 140,000 downloads.

Who would be your idle person to do a song with and why?

We would all love to do a song with Dave Grohl.

How do you distribute your songs besides word of mouth and fans of course?

Our songs are distributed through Believe Digital with Star 1 Records.

Being from Texas the music scene over there must be busy how do you compare to the others and how do you rise above the rest to get noticed?

Our rock scene has grown a bit, but for a while, SA has been primarily metal. We have been pushing a different sound for many years and have started to see the fruits of our “labor”.

Can we expect to see any music videos come out in the near future for any off the tracks?

We will be putting out ‘behind the scenes’ studio videos, but as far as an official music video goes, there are no plans yet.

What advice would you give young artist wanting to make a name for themselves?

Never quit. No matter how many times you hear that you should, just keep going forward.

What has been you’re favourite song to write and sing and what’s the message behind it?

Micah – My new favorite to play is “Wait” and it’s about my daughter’s birth.

Fletch – Mine is “Bleeding Misery” because I can relate to it. It’s about wanting to recreate yourself. I was tired of the way things were going and it really hit home.

Steve – Mine would probably be a really new, unheard song (except for by our live show fans) “More of my soul”. This song is an instrumental, and for me, it’s so much fun to play. I have so much fun playing it live, and I can’t wait to record it.

Where has been the best place you have played?

We had a show in Houston, recently, and it was one of the best shows we’ve played. Also here in SA we played a show with Emery and Sleeping Giant, and that was amazing.

What’s been the highlight and low point of your career as a musician?

Our highlight would defiantly have to be working with David Castell, a platinum producer, who makes our visions a reality. A low point would definitely be losing band members. Having to rebuild was tough, but it taught us a lot, and we’re stronger for it.

Can We expect any collabs in the future?

Yea… I’d say we will be raining down some collabs in the near future.

What Would you be if you were not a band ?

A janitorial service that owns a pecan orchard, and distributes only to the Bermuda Triangle.

Finally where can we see you play at any gigs or festivals if you’re at any in the future?

We’re playing one last show this year, December 19th, at the AMP Room, here in SA. We’ll be working on next year’s schedule soon and we will keep everyone updated.

Thanks so much for your time and support. We really appreciate your it. God Bless.

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