YATS Interviews: Blind Pilots

YATS caught up with Andy Gruen  guitarist of London based band Blind pilots formed in London in 2014. The band consists of Adrian Stubbs (guitar, vocals), Andy Gruen (guitar, backing vocals) and Michael Parrish (drums). We talk about the coming together of the band and what we can see in the near future…

Hi Andy and welcome i guess i should jump straight into the questions.

What Drew You Guys To Become Blind Pilots. ?

We have all known each other for 10 years or so, and had played in separate bands, but the plan all along was to be a band, just the three of us. The name comes from a song by one of my favorite bands.

Have You Always Wanted To Be Musicians?

Absolutely, Mikey has been playing drums since he was like 3 years old, i got my first guitar at the age of 8 (though i never really touched it until i was 19 truth be told!), I think Adrian (the singer) kinda fell into it, but in a big way y’know.

What’s The Message Behind Evil Eye?

The message behind evil eye is that no matter how tough things get, no matter who is trying to keep you down, keep your head up, NEVER give up.

To watch the video click here

When can we expect to see your first album slash EP out? and any ideas for names?

Hopefully we will get an EP out early next year, does anyone even WANT an album anymore? I’m not so sure…

What advice would you give people wanting to pursue a career in Music?

What advice would i Give? Be good, be yourself and never be afraid to show your influences on your sleeves. If Adele can rip off Lionel Richie and be the greatest thing since the wheel AND sliced bread combined, feel free to show that, i dunno, johnny marr was an influence…its all good!

What can we expect in the future from yourselves?
More DIY videos, new songs that keep getting better and better….. and definitely more shows, we’re at our best playing live.
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