YATS Interviews: Brian Hall


I talked to Brian Hall, creator and author of the Serpentine Series, asking him about what we can expect from the series and what the future holds for himself and Self Destruct Comics.

“The low point was the

failed Kickstarter campaign.”


“Hi Brian thanks for giving me your time to ask you a couple of questions”

“Hi Ollie my pleasure”

Well I guess I shouldn’t hesitate any longer on wards with the questions….

Can we expect anymore installments to the Serpentine Series?

Yes! The cool thing about Second Sight is that it’s four separate stories that collide in one 240 page graphic novel. The plan going forward is to follow these characters after Second Sight as well as show their pasts and how their paths brought them to Second Sight. We hope to accomplish this by publishing 60-70 page features every 6 to 8 months. I will continue to write Serpentine as long as Tim is willing to draw them.

Will we see any old faces in any new comics if any are made?

The next installment of Serpentine (Untitled) we will catch up with the whole gang as well as meet a whole new batch of characters.

What inspired you to choose comic book creator as a chosen career?

I’ve always loved comics of all genres. I grew up on DC Comics and Marvel but I also read so many other genres. I had a ample collection of monster comics, westerns and heavy metal. I always wanted to tell my stories in a comic book format. When I found Tim Larsen I knew I finally could do it and do it right.

What would you say to younger people who are wanting to follow in the carer or who are struggling to start one?

Take it seriously and the industry will take you seriously. If you want to get into it for the money you will be disappointed but if you want to get into it for the love of your craft then you can’t find a more loyal audience than in comic book readers. This is another golden age for comics and with crowd funding it’s easier than ever to your projects off the ground. The only other thing I know comic book publishers are looking for is a good story and good dialog even more so than the artwork.

Can we expect any new series from Self Destruct Comics?

We have a new series in the planning stages titled G.O.D.S but we also understand the need to crawl before we can walk so all of our resources are going towards getting the Serpentine series up and running first. If things go as planned you should see a new kick-starter campaign for G.O.D.S in late 2016 to early 2017.

What has been the best bit of work you have done to date?

I would say my favorite work so far is the book “The Dastards” from Serpentine Second Sight.

You can read The Dastards by clicking here 

Where did you find the people to help? and how did you come about asking them to join?

The hard part of starting a new comic book company as an unknown is finding the help of talented people that are willing to work for a percentage rather that a sum per page completed.


Whats been the highlight and low point of your amazing journey?

So far the highlight has been the positive feedback from our beta readers. The low point was the failed kickstarter campaign. It’s a setback but we plan to go back to the drawing board and try again.


What does the future hold for yourself and Self Destruct Comics

The idea behind Self-Destruct Comics was it would be a place for beginners to get started and self-publish their work. With so many online resources to self-publish out there the plan is make some waves with our original series Serpentine and G.O.D.S. and either scout for talent or partner up with another comic book company that shares our philosophy.

As for me, this is my first experience with self-publishing so it’s exciting and fun and very stressful but I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I know I would be satisfied doing my own thing or being a part of a talented team.


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