YATS Interviews: Public Access T.V.

YATS caught up with lead vocalist and guitarist John Eatherly from one of NME’s Hottest Bands from New York Public Access T.V. We talk about losing their houses to a fire, how the band came about and London.

“Our homes in NYC

burnt down in a fire”

What Drew You Guys To Become Public Access T.V. ?

Public Access TV became a band when I was fed up playing for other people . Me and my close friends were all on the same page. We wanted an outlet that we be exactly what WE want it to be. “public access tv” is just the name we gave our new gang.

Have You Always Wanted To Be Musicians ?

Playing music is all I’ve ever done for as long as I can remember. I’ve played music with these dudes for a long time. Me and max the bass player even had some bands in high school together.

What Age Did You Start Singing From ?

Singing goes hand in hand with “playing” for me. words or melodies or anything. it’s all cool and fun. I never sang lead on stage before this band though. I like it.

“It just felt like we had

to do it right away”

You Recently Recorded Your Debut album In London what drew you guys to come here to do so ?

We were already coming to London to play a handful of shows. Our homes in NYC burnt down in a fire, so there wasn’t exactly anything there for us. We had been playing the songs for quite a few tours. It just felt like we had to do it right away, and London is where we were. So we got it all sorted very quickly and went in and recorded our record in a weeks time.

What Inspired You To Write Metropolis ?

Metropolis is like a little note to myself about New York. in this case, the “she” is really referring to the city. it was inspired by living in NYC and trying to find my place.

What does the future hold for Public Access T.V. ?

We are gonna release our debut record in early 2016 and we are gonna tour the shit out of it. I wanna live on the road. We are gonna stay as busy as we possibly can. then make another record and do it all over again.

Being From New York The Music Scene Over There is Good how has it treated you so far ?

We kinda do our own thing here in New York. We’ve never been to close to any other scene or any other bands. We treat NYC as home and we don’t wanna only be a new york band so we try and not play here to much. I can’t complain about New York, its home. I prefer to be traveling though.

“I almost died on

stage from the heat”

Where has been the best place you’ve played so far ?

Benicassim in spain was pretty amazing. although I almost died on stage from the heat. also our first headlining show at seabright arms in london was super fun and had a good turn out. We are looking forward to being back on tour soon.

What Advice Would You Give To Artists Starting Out ?

Take the money your parents give you for lunch. pocket that shit and spend it at the record store. make friends who hate everything as much as you do. just play and play and play.

And Finally If You Weren’t Musicians what would you be ?

Utterly hopeless.

As a little bonus here is Public Access T.V’s new song Patti Peru!


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